Hardware platform

Processing techniques are compatible with three different types of aerial platforms.

The company provides all three platforms or adapts the techniques to the customer’s technique

Agrodrone for small areas

Low overflight speed

High manoeuvrability in relief areas

Glider for large non-relief areas

Take-off from the catapult. High overflight speed

Possibility of processing only flat areas

Convertoplane for mixed tasks

Vertical take-off and landing like a drone for relief areas

Horizontal flight for flat areas

Automated overflight function for specified points

Due to the use of the automated overflight function at specified points the pilot does not require long training

Overflight schedules and solving issues

Terrain relief analysis: determining water streams and swamping paludification

Weedery analysis

Sprouting density analysis

Ranking of fields by sprouting density

Ranking of fields for cultivation

Control of nitrogen, stress zones and height

Reducing dosage, quantity optimization, loss reduction

Determining the order of harvesting for each crop

Data integration

  • Data from agrodrone
  • Weather data
  • Data from devices
  • Ground-based sensors

Unified spot farming management system

Information and maps received from drones easily integrated into spot farming system due to generality of formats

Simplicity for data provisioning

The result of the work is an electronic and printed report on the results obtained, presented in simple language to the farmer and having practical recommendations

Photos of the site with marked problem areas

Survey and forecasting results

Maintenance recommendation

Provided maps

Identification of weeds and plants

Counting of plants quantity

Estimate the number of stock

Determining the volume of biomass

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